Friday, 26 July 2013

Kenya Airways tops Heathrow’s punctuality rankings

Kenya Airways had the most punctual flights that flew into and out of London Heathrow International Airport in the United Kingdom during the month of June 2013, latest statistics from the facility have indicated.The airline emerged top in the ranking of punctuality of flights. All Kenya Airways’ flights departing from the airport were 100% punctual, while 83 per cent of those arriving were on time.

This is the best rank that the airline has attained over the last 12 months. The closest it has come to this during this period is the second position.Kenya Airways’ Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr Titus Naikuni welcomed the achievement, stating that “At Kenya Airways, we are committed to ensuring that we deliver a world class experience to our guests while also that all their flights depart and arrive on time,” Dr. Naikuni added.

Overall, 71 per cent of arrivals by all airlines into London Heathrow International Airport were on time while 75 per cent of the departures were punctual.The other African airlines in the Heathrow International Airport’s punctuality rankings include South African Airways at the 19thposition, Air Mauritius at 59th, Egypt Air at 67th, Ethiopian Airlines at 72nd, Air Algerie at 77th, Tunisair at 79thand Libyan Airlines at 80th.

On a daily basis, London Heathrow International Airport handles an average of 1,288 flights and 191,200 passengers. About 80 airlines fly into and out of the facility.

Kenya Airways flies seven times  a week (one flight daily) between its hub at JIKIA in Nairobi and London’s Heathrow International Airport.

August is the ‘Big W’ month for the Hemingways Collection

Ol Seki from the sky

In the Masai Mara, Hemingways Ol Seki Camp is watching the Wildebeest migration.  Literally hundreds of thousands of wildebeest are migrating across the Mara river into Kenya; spreading out over the plains and serving as lunch for the lions, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards that have been waiting all year for this dining bonanza.  

The herds gather at the edge of the river; looking at the chocolate brown water with suspicion.  Quite rightly too, the Mara river has some of the biggest crocodiles you’ll ever see.  With the predators massed in the water; and the pressure of numbers building up behind, eventually one brave wildebeest takes the leap and then a mad rush ensues as hundreds of animals swim and scramble across the river. 

 With steep banks, rough rocky river beds and thousands of animals, the crossings do get chaotic; great swirling dust clouds take shape in the air above as the herds arrive on the edge and the lowing sound of ‘uhhnngg’, ‘uhhnng’, ‘uhhnng’, mobs your ears as the wildebeest ‘talk’ to each other. 

 Those that did not make it across the waters are now providing food for umpteen vultures and marabou storks and anything left on the water’s edge becomes crocodile dinner. 

Whales Ahoy! in Watamu

Hemingways Watamu has its Whale Watching in full swing; with 20 – 25 humpbacks being seen almost every day at the moment.  The best viewing is of course in a boat, out at sea, following these incredible, utterly gigantic mammals as they swim up from the southern ocean feeding grounds to the warmer waters of the tropics for breeding. 

These wonderful animals can reach up to 12metres in length and weigh up to 40 tonnes. This dwarfs pretty much any other animal you’ll see in Africa, it would take 5 elephants to get upto this size!  They are curious,  and pop up to look at the boats and the people on board; and are therefore amazingly co-operative for photo taking!  Fin waving, breaching and rolling on the surface are all common behaviours and utterly amazing to watch.