Saturday, 3 August 2013

‘Premium’ Black Angus Beef now at Hemingways

All our Beef is now ‘Premium’ Morendat crossbred Black Angus Beef, they are a cross breed of 3 steers  50% Angus, 25% Boran and 25% Simmental “making the quality of Beef the best you will find in Kenya” 180 days fed on corn ‘Exclusively for Hemingways’ dry aged for 21 days and hand cut in house every day in the ‘Old Butcher Style’

“We use the whole steer at Hemingways” utilizing seam-butchery techniques on the under used Primals  so we are able to create our very own and unique “Hemingways Specialty Steak Range” these steak cuts have very different characteristics, enhanced flavor and texture “You will not find these cuts anywhere else in Nairobi”

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